The Deeper Journey

In exploring the depths of your experience, we will look at the history and current situation facing your psyche, spirit or soul, however you prefer to name it.

Along the way, dreams, relationship dramas, unusual events, urges and the fantasies that power them will be studied for clues as to how you can better accept and nurture your true being.

Guided visualization, active dreaming, art, mindfulness exercises, and other proven techniques will help you learn how you can embrace and heal your authentic self.

As in all my therapeutic work, I like us to collaborate. I have practiced tai chi, chi gong, and meditation for over 45 years. I bring these and other personal experiences to my work guiding clients. Maybe you find meaning in the Eastern traditions such as Taoism, Buddhism or Hinduism; or perhaps you resonate with the monotheistic traditions; or you might find spiritual guidance in celestial or nature-based practices. Perhaps your own blend of some of these is what works best for you. As in all my work, I let my clients provide the framework. Within it, we look for ways to maximize healing and growth. Sometimes during a session we may experience the sense of something sacred in the room. The light may appear to shimmer. Acknowledging this moment of grace can be the key that unlocks a door that may open to a new level of conscious awareness.

I offer Depth Psychotherapy sessions in San Francisco’s Financial District as well as in the Presidio Heights/Laurel Heights neighborhood, and in downtown and South Berkeley, .