Depth Psychotherapy

Sometimes the brief therapy approach is not enough. A deeper exploration of your patterns through depth psychology may heal you if you have suffered:

•   Serial abuse in the formative years

•   Poor modeling on how to manage the twists and turns of adult life

•   Mixed cultural messages from your family

•   Coping habits grooved in earlier times that now cause problems

•   Loss that has left you with a long-term sense of emptiness

For clients who do not have these therapeutic needs, depth psychology works as a means to engage with symbolic meaning into life’s mysteries. Exploring the depths of your experience, we will look at the history and current situation facing your psyche, spirit or soul, however you prefer to name it.

Along the way, dreams, relationship dramas, unusual events, urges and the fantasies that power them will be studied for clues as to how you can better accept and nurture your true being.

Guided visualization, active dreaming, art, mindfulness exercises, and other proven techniques will help you learn how you can embrace and heal your authentic self.

Much of what guides the work comes from my clients. I like us to collaborate.

They bring to the work their stories and what has or has not worked. I bring:

•   An ongoing study of the research into how the brain and mind heal

•   A practice of tai chi, chi gong, and meditation for over 45 years

•   An openness to nearly all spiritual and religious paths

I have worked with clients who find meaning in:

•   Taoism, Buddhism, or Hinduism

•   The monotheistic traditions

•   Celestial- or nature-based practices

•   Personal blends of some of these

I let my clients provide the framework. Within it, we look for ways to maximize healing and growth.

I offer Depth Psychotherapy sessions in San Francisco’s Financial District, as well as in the Presidio Heights/Laurel Heights neighborhood and in Downtown and South Berkeley.