Relationship Blues? Maybe I Can Help

All relationships are different. So are the needs of the individuals within them. Maybe you’re part of a couple that would benefit from a clearer understanding of your different cultural backgrounds, or one that needs new ways to manage the perpetual problems that exist in any relationship. You may be single and seeking a new relationship approach, or perhaps you’re confronting the upset of a recent split and wondering how best to move forward. These are among the issues my clients bring to me.

Different concerns need different solutions, but nearly everyone concerned with relationship issues can benefit from as few as one or two consultations. That may be all that is needed to provide a roadmap and some steps to take toward a better relationship.

I offer new clients 30 minutes of free consultation. You may choose to have a half-hour phone consultation, or to apply the time to your first 60-minute in-person session. Either way, working together we can come up with a clearer view of your path forward. Please call 415-267-1813 to learn more and to schedule your free 30-minute consultation.