Relationship Counseling and Relationship Health

Terrence Higgins, MFT is a Relationship Health Specialist.

How I Work

I work with both prevention and cure.

I help:

•    Individuals

•    Couples

•    Adult children and their Parents

•    Family Businesses

Clients come to me for relationship counseling to help with a wide range of interpersonal challenges.


For new couples, I offer pre-marital and cohabiting consultations. I tune up communication and teach coping skills to help newer partnerships better manage challenges that may come up in the future.

With more seasoned relationships of all types, we collaborate to craft strategies to help each person accept the other’s perspective. Once we create the safety to try new approaches, conflict dramas often turn into discussions of differing needs. The partners then experience mutual understanding and respect for one another.

For singles seeking partners we identify your obstacles and then work to remove them. In this way we energize your search for the right match.


Another thing I do is help people heal from interpersonal wounding.

The pain may result from a single, relatively minor incident that requires just one or two consultations or mediation sessions to heal.

Sometimes, though, a single incident can be of such severity that it threatens the life of the relationship. With the right approach, these traumas can be healed and, often, the relationship saved.  Even in those cases where the relationship does not survive, personal healing can be crucial for both parties to successfully move on.

Chronic interpersonal abuse leaves trauma. This trauma can be repaired, whether the emotional harm has been inflicted by one member or by both.

With both single incident trauma and chronic wounding, we put into place preventive measures to reduce the potential for a recurrence.

Emotional wounds inflicted in past relationships can also be healed. Perhaps you suffered abuse or neglect from a relative or caregiver. Maybe the abuse came from an entire group such as your family, or from an intentional community such as a religious sect, a cult, or a commune. You may feel a need to process the loss or betrayal to further your healing.

More than 20 years’ experience healing people from interpersonal damage has given me a wide range of treatment options to choose from. I tailor the approach for each case. If you bring a willingness to do the work, our collaboration may help you turn the corner on some aspect of your interpersonal life that currently causes you distress.

Some clients come to me for depth psychotherapy. Go to The Deeper Journey to learn more about this offering.

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