Psychotherapy & Counseling

You may feel you have to take some steps to make your life better.

Maybe you are stuck in an emotional cycle, and you don’t know how to interrupt it. This sense of being stuck can stem from:

•   Early-life episodes that seem to hang around you, blocking your progress

•   A break up that has not gone well for you, or a love for someone who can make you feel miserable

•   Your pressing desire to liberate from psychological or emotional confines

•   An unsatisfying work life

•   A shocking turn of events, such as the death of a loved one or a devastating revelation about your partner

For over 20 years I have worked successfully with clients to resolve these and other issues.

Together we pick the right approach for the most effective results: brief therapy for crisis intervention, or long-term, depth therapy for clearing emotional blocks rooted in early life (see The Deeper Journey).

All my work is based on the latest research in brain/mind healing. The process can be described very simply:

We witness the impact the situation has on you.

We reframe it into a healthier narrative.

I provide exercises to make deep changes in how you experience life.

At the very least, clients will have a clearer idea of what needs to change so they can move forward.

I also specialize in treating the members of relationships, together or individually.  Please see Relationship Counseling and Relationship Health for more on this offering.